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Services Policy

1. Policy Overview

This policy is developed to regulate the after-sales service provided by the Company and its wholly-owned enterprises and branches (hereinafter, collectively, referred to as the "Company") for the private branded products sold to customers in overseas markets.

2. Scope of Service

2.1 This policy is applicable to the private branded products (including accessories) sold by the Company directly to customers in overseas markets, namely:
2.1.1 The products that customers in overseas markets directly purchased from the Company.
2.1.2 The products that are with the Company's unique serial number (barcode). 2.1.3 The products that are under the brand of .
2.2 The following situations are not covered in our after-sales service. However, the Company can also provide paid service support as much as possible according to your needs:
  • Products beyond the warranty period stipulated by the Company or in the contract.
  • Failure or damage caused by repair staff from the agencies not authorized by the Company during repair, alteration, or disassembly.
  • Damage to the devices manufactured by the Company due to force majeure events (such as natural disaster, fire, or war).
  • Malfunction or damage cause by improper use, maintenance or storage of the product.
  • Unable to use the product normally due to installation of pirated, non-standard, self-made or publically unavailable third-party software.
  • Malfunction or damage due to being dropped, crushed, exposed to high temperature, corrosion, introduction of foreign bodies, poor electrical circuits or other abnormal factors.
  • Products that are damaged directly due to the on-site environment for equipment operation (such as humidity) or the external factors (such as the external electromagnetic interference or the fault of the internal networking device) and that cannot meet the environmental requirements for normal operation described in the written document attached along with the device.
  • Hard drives that are altered or marked without authorization of the Company.
  • Products that do not have labels bearing a factory name, factory address, date of manufacture, product serial number, product certification, product warranty card or product serial number, or whose such labels are unclear or damaged rendering them unreadable.
  • The product type or serial number on the purchase receipt does not match the actual physical product.

3. Free warranty coverage

If products of the Company experience performance failures due to material, process, or manufacturing problems under normal use and maintenance conditions, we will provide you with after-sales services including free repair and replacement as specified in this document within the warranty period."Normal use and maintenance conditions" refer to the conditions that the installation, use, maintenance, storage, and shipping of products meet the requirements in the user instructions, and that the products are applied to the reasonable intended purpose or usage. "Affecting normal use" refers to the conditions that products cannot realize the functions described in the standard performance parameters. Except for the expenses that shall be borne by you as stated or agreed under the law, we will not charge you any additional fees for the after-sale service within the warranty period. The above terms are all the warranties we make on our product quality and services. There are no any other expressed or implicit warranties. If a dealer or any other third party made an additional promise to you, you shall request these third parties for fulfillment, and the Company will not be liable for this promise.

4. Quality assurance period

4.1 The quality assurance period is from the date of purchase (subject to the shipping date). You shall have access to free after-sales service for the product within the quality assurance period. Once the product exceeds the warranty period, the Company will provide paid maintenance service as the case may be.
4.2 For the product or component repaired or replaced within the free warranty coverage, the Company will continue to provide free after-sales service during the remaining warranty period.
4.3 Where the quality assurance period is otherwise agreed in a contract between you and Zhejiang Huaxiao Technology Co., Ltd. or otherwise stipulated by the applicable laws, such contract or legal provisions shall prevail.

5. Process of after-sales service

5.1 If any abnormal situation occurs within the warranty period when you are using our products, you shall contact the Company, its product dealers, sales representatives, technical team, or after-sales service agencies by phone calls or emails at first. Our professional service staff will help you make an initial judgment based on the product information and the fault by telephone, in which your active cooperation is required. If the problem can be solved by installing specified software updates or replacements on your own, the Company will instruct you on how to acquire and install such software updates or replacements. If the above methods are not applicable or cannot solve the problem, you can send or ship the device (at the cost of the sender) to the appointed after-sales service agencies for maintenance. We will make diagnosis according to the warranty evidence and the fault. If the problem is not covered in the warranty or the product cannot be repaired, our maintenance engineer will inform you of the situation and negotiate with you for follow-up.

6. Warranty certificate

6.1 Applying for free maintenance, you shall provide a clear, complete, and correct sales receipt as the evidence for free maintenance. When purchWhen asing a product, you shall request the dealer to provide a complete sales receipt (including product model and serial number) and keep it properly. The receipt will be considered invalid if its content does not match with the actual product, is altered, or cannot be identified. In the absence of a valid certificate, we can also, but are not obliged to, provide you with the warranty service, if we can confirm that the product or part is covered by the warranty.
6.2 Preparations before applying for the services. Prior to receiving our service, where applicable, you shall:
① Follow the specified service application procedure.
② Back up all the programs and data included in the product or ensure their security. The Company will not bear any responsibilities for any result due to data loss during use or maintenance.
③ Provide necessary support and cooperation, including providing system key or passphrase, fault description, or necessary sites.
④ Remove all the confidential and personal information that are protected under the law from the product. If you cannot remove such information from the product, you shall notify the service provider when applying for the service.
⑤ Not provide any objects such as peripheral hardware or cables when sending the product for repair. If there are any special needs, you shall contact the Company in advance, and provide the relevant list when sending the product for repair to avoid unnecessary loss.
⑥ Choose the shipping method and shipper carefully, and the Company recommends that you purchase a shipping insurance. The Company will not bear any of your losses during shipping.

7. Privacy Policy

We may save, use, and process the maintenance questions and contact information you provide, including name, telephone number, address, and email address. These information will only be used for the specified service. We may contact you for satisfaction surveys or inform you of product recalls or safety issues. Thus, we may send your information to our relevant agencies, including the entities that perform business on our behalf. We may also disclose relevant information to the corresponding legal authorities as required.

8. Special Reminders

This document is only applicable to the products manufactured by Zhejiang Huaxiao Technology Co., Ltd. Terms that are not listed in this document shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations. The right to interpret, change, or amend this document shall rest with Zhejiang Huaxiao Technology Co., Ltd. Where any terms in this document is ruled to be invalid, in whole or in part, by a competent legal authority, the validity of other terms shall not be affected. Where other contents in this document are within the scope of not being ruled invalid, such contents shall be in full force and effect.

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