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Fire: British Standard BS 5839‑6:2019

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10 Jahre kabelloser, vernetzter Rauchmelder (versiegelte Batterie)

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How does a smoke alarm works?

The standalone Smoke Alarm is designed to continuously monitor smoke concentration. Adopting newsplit-spectrum sensor and a built-in high-volume buzzer, it respondsquickly and becomes highly sensitive with stable performance and lowfalse alarm. Once the surrounding smoke concentration reaches thealarm value, it will promptly send out visual and audible alarm signal toremind the user to take immediate measures.

Why smoke alarm beeping when there is no smoke?

To know why the smoke alarm beeps, let's get to know when it alarms. The smoke alarm usually alarms for these 3 situations: when there is a smoke, and it alarms when the smoke level reaches the value; secondly it might be a fault alarm when there is a bug or some dust wents in; thirdly it will also alarms when it's low battery warning. So how can we get to know why it alarms? You can also judge by the LED indicator that tells you the real reason. When the Green indicator flashes once perminute it means it's standby. When the Red indicator flashes once per second it means it has detected the smoke and alarming. When the Red indicator flashes once per minute means the smoke alarm is in fault. When the Red indicator flashesonce per minute that means the smoke alarm is already Low battery. You need to change it.

How can I stop a false alarm?

It's crucial to approach an alert signal as a potentially hazardous circumstance. By hitting the Test/Silence button during a known false alarm, you can temporarily mute your device for 12 minutes. Also, you can use a normally working infrared remote and press any button on it to mute a known false alarm. We advise cleaning the device with the soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis as part of normal maintenance to prevent false alerts.

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