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Fire: British Standard BS 5839‑6:2019

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Détecteur de fumée WiFi intelligent

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10 ans de détecteur de fumée (pile scellée)

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Alarme de chaleur autonome à batterie scellée, 10 ans

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Alarm Guides Before You Buy

Alarm Guides Before You Buy

Smoke Alarms

Wisualarm offers smoke alarms, which adopt the advanced split-spectrum technology to reduce the false alarm for peace of mind. Check our various smoke alarms.

How do Smoke Alarms Function?
Smoke alarms typically consist of two main types: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization smoke alarms contain a small amount of radioactive material that ionizes the air, while photoelectric smoke alarms use a light beam to detect smoke particles. When smoke enters the alarm, it triggers a sensor that sets off the alarm, alerting occupants to the potential danger.

Interlinked Smoke Alarms

Interlinked smoke alarms are a network of smoke detectors that are connected wirelessly or through a hardwired system. When one alarm detects smoke or fire, it triggers all the interconnected alarms in the network to sound simultaneously. This interconnected system ensures that everyone in the house is alerted to the danger, no matter where they are located.

Smoke Alarms Purchasing Tips

1. Ensure products comply with local British fire protection standards. Grade F: Battery operated, stand-alone smoke detectors and heat alarms. Primarily intended for domestic, owner-occupied housing. F Grade alarms with interlink (especially with 10-year sealed lithium batteries) may be used as Grade D in some cases. Always verify with the relevant authority.
2. Check the power source. CR123A Batteries: referred to simply as 123 batteries, are high power lithium based batteries used extensively in security alarm systems. An AA battery is a standard size of dry cell battery commonly used in portable electronic devices.

Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarms

Combining various smoke detection sensor technologies enhances the capabilities of each technology. Wisualarm also offer heat alarm, commonly used in kitchen and carbon monoxide alarm to safeguard against fire and carbon monoxide risks. Beside, for gas leaking and carbon dioxide detection, Wisualarm also prepared the solutions for that.

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